Two Lawsuits Are Not Better Than One

LACHES - July 2016 (No 589)_Page_1

Does it still make sense to prohibit district courts from awarding damages exceeding $25,000 in summary proceedings?  This article examines the issue and concludes it’s time for a change.  Click here to see the full article: LACHES (Doerr Article)


Practical Law with Henry Gornbein


I had a great time appearing on Practical Law, a show hosted by Henry Gornbein concerning matters of litigation, family law, the court system, divorce, and criminal defense.  Mr. Gornbein and I talked about Michigan’s Seller Disclosure Act and other real estate issues that may give rise to litigation.   I particularly enjoyed our discussion of The Money Pit, a movie from the 80’s about a couple (played by Tom Hanks and Shelley Long) that bought a defect-ridden mansion.  Back then, the seller may have escaped liability, but today, the Act (which took effect in ’94) should prevent most such disasters.